Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year is looking good.

I'm sure you have tons of leftover food in the fridge so I thought you might like some ideas for using it up. Here's a few of them.

Wishing you a happy and prosperpus New Year. Happy Cooking!

Cut-up cooked meats and freeze them in portion sizes in zip lock bags, use them later as…

  • Sandwich fillings
  • With other ingredients and sauces for pasta or risotto
  • In stirfries
  • In quiche and frittata
  • In pies mixed with béchamel sauce or gravy
  • In pasta bakes topped with breadcrumbs and cheese
  • Added to curry sauce at the last minute
  • Tossed through salads

Leftover Vegetables can be used…

  • To make great bubble and squeak
  • Vegetarian quiche or frittata
  • Mashed, combined with an egg, made into meats and served wrapped in crepes

Ham can be sliced up and frozen for later use in…

  • Fried ham steaks with eggs for breakfast
  • Chopped and added to quiche and frittata
  • Sliced and used in eggs benedict
  • Used in Pea and Ham soup in winter

Leftover bread can be …

  • Left till stale and processed into breadcrumbs
  • Dipped in egg and fried for French bread
  • Made into summer pudding with berries
  • Made into croutons for soups and salads

Leftover Seafood

  • Marina and pasta – cream and tomato
  • Gowgees
  • Ravioli – use wonton wrappers
  • Added to Mornay Sauce – in vol au vents or in bread Crustades for New Year's Eve