Croutons is a culinary term that comes from the French word that is a diminutive for crust, from the Latin root also meaning crust. Croutons refers to small, crisped pieces of bread that were sauteed or baked to remove moisture. Croutons are used as a garnish and sometimes to add seasoning to dishes as well.

There are several dishes that are typically served with croutons. Soup is one of these, and salad is another. Croutons may also form an ingredient of a bread stuffing.

Croutons can be bought already prepared in assorted flavours including garlic, herb and cheese. Croutons can also be prepared at home using French bread, baguette, sour dough bread, brioche, or plain old stale white bread.

Usually some kind of fat is used, whether olive oil, butter, or mayonnaise, and seasonings, herbs, and or cheese may be applied. The croutons are then briefly baked until they are golden brown.

Polenta croutons require a different approach. In this case, the polenta is prepared, molded into a rectangle, and refrigerated until firm. It is cut into cubes and carefully fried in vegetable oil at high heat until golden. Polenta croutons can be made ahead and rewarmed before serving.

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