When man first discovered meat, he discovered a delicious, readily available animal food that was not only rich in protein, but also highly nutritious and great on the taste. If early man had lived in today’s day’s and age, he would be surprised at the innumerable ways in which this basic food can be transformed into a gourmet delight, with a multitude of cooking options and cuisines to choose from.  Today, cordon bleu chefs the world over adopt innovative and creative ways to dish out delectable meat dishes that are healthy and at the same time, retain the nutritive value and basic quality of the meat.

There are many ways you can cook your meats. The different cooking methodologies largely depend on the cuisine. Indian meat curries are highly spiced and cooked in adequate amounts of oil, while the Chinese prefer their meats steamed, deep fried, stir fried, or shallow pan fried in oil with a marinade of their traditional Chinese sauces. Italians and connoisseurs of Continental food prefer to roast their meats with lots of cheese and vegetables, while some cuisines prefer their meats poached.

Chicken and other poultry tastes best when roasted or chargrilled. Lamb, beef, and pork taste quite delicious when baked with some exotic spices but the tastiest red meat dish is probably a steak, and you can either fry, oven roast, or grill your meat to create that perfect steak. Steaks are highly popular in many countries and sous chefs go all the way to create innovative sauces to marinade their meats for an authentic steak.

If you are a total health freak and are looking for a healthy alternative to cooking meat, poaching is the method for you. You can boil small chunks of meat along with some veggies and aromatic spices to make yummy soup or stew. Make sure you pick lean meat to cook these dishes. You can also choose low-fat beef, lamb, or pork to prepare a healthy, tasty, and nutritious meat casserole.

Some people prefer to cook their meats in a very simple manner by using a basic marinade and then roasting the meat in an oven. This method of cooking uses a very limited amount of oil, and is a perfect way of eating meat for the health conscious. Other interesting ways to cook red meat includes grilling and braising. You may also want to brine your meat before cooking, to add to the taste and retain the inherent flavour in the meat.

Whether you bake, poach, deep fry, roast, braise, or grill, you can convert your raw meat into a scrumptious meal to suit your preferred cuisine, taste, and palate. Be as creative and innovative as you want, and transform your raw meats into lip-smacking gourmet dishes, right in the comfort of your kitchen.