What's so great about bread machines? Most of us who get one end up thinking that bread machines are the greatest things since, well, sliced bread. Why? It's easy – you measure the ingredients into the baking pan, put the pan in the machine, and press a button. No mixing, no kneading, no timing or punching down. No pre-heating an oven. The machine does everything. There's less of a mess to clean up. You measure the ingredients into the baking pan, etc., and the mixing, kneading, rising, and baking are done in the same pan.

You don't have to worry about cleaning bowls, kneading boards, towels, or even your hands. In fact, after the bread is baked, it slips out of the pan and you'll probably have to soak the kneading paddle in cool water for a few minutes to clean it. That's it! No muss, no fuss. Great for the domestically challenged.

You can make dough as well as fully cooked bread. That means pizza dough, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and shaped breads etc. You can set the machine to have the bread ready at your convenience. You want hot bread when you get home from work or do you like to wake up to the aroma of freshly baked bread? You got it! It's fun to experiment. You'll be a lot braver in trying many intriguing recipes if you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort on it.

Who wants to knead and rise turnip bread for 3-4 hours, only to find out that it's just blah? It doesn't heat up the kitchen in the summer. What more can I say? And the number one reason we love our bread machines, is that the bread is GREAT! I'm sure that you can make better bread by hand, if you try. But you have to try. You've got to be willing to put the time and effort into slow rising, bread tiles, water mist, and so forth. Most people who make bread conventionally don't go through all that bother. So the bread by machine is as good as most homemade bread done without the machine.

Choosing a Machine
Most people seem to really like whichever machine they have. One caveat, though. Bread machines seem to be mutating at an alarming rate! If you buy one it is likely that a new/different/improved model by the same manufacturer will appear within six months.