There's more to the humble egg than meets the eye, not only in what you can do with it, but how it's produced and what the chicken who laid it was fed.

Cage Production
Cage egg production is the main system of commercial egg production used in Australia. About 87% of commercially produced eggs are produced using this system.

Hens are housed in cages inside sheds and are provided with a continuous supply of fresh water and food. Cages in Australia are made of welded wire and are big enough for hens to stand and move about. Usually 4-5 hens are kept in each cage.

Cage egg production provides the hens with protection from the weather, predators, manure-borne diseases and parasites. This keeps the hens healthy and comfortable, which means they lay regularly.

Barn Laid Eggs
The Barn Laid system allows our hens to have a litter in which to DUST, bathe, space to flap their wings, stretch and socialize, nests in which to lay their eggs in and adequate perch space. Barn laid eggs account for about 5% of Australia's commercial egg production.

Barn Laid Eggs are inspected and accredited by the RSPCA on a regular basis, and are based on the RSPCA's philosophy of Five Freedoms:

  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from pain & injury
  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour

Free-Range – Natural Living
Natural Living Free Range eggs are produced from hens that are free to roam outside during daylight hours, enjoying the sunshine, while protected from predators at night. The hens are fed a nutritionally balanced diet and are given the best care possible by the farmers, keeping them content to lay quality eggs, rich in nutrition. Free range eggs account for about 8% of Australia's commercial egg production.

Eco Eggs – Organic Free Range
Eco Eggs are 100% Organic Free Range and all farms producing Eco Eggs have been accredited by the Organic Food Chain. No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any time on the paddocks where the hens roam or to produce the feed that they consume.