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New Years Eve Finger Food

By Victoria Hansen |December 28th, 2017|

With New Year’s eve a mere few sleeps away, if you’re having a party or attending one where the host has asked you to bring something (what about a cute boy with a big smile and tight buns????) to nibble on (of course, why would I bring one that I couldn’t eat???) you might like […]

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    Why Do We Cream Butter and Sugar When Making Cakes and Cookies?

Why Do We Cream Butter and Sugar When Making Cakes and Cookies?

By Victoria Hansen |May 17th, 2015|

Creaming is the first baking step in many recipes, and little do we know that it is one of the most important baking steps in the entire recipe. For best results, it should really take 8-10 minutes to complete, but many recipes indicate less time.
Creaming incorporates the maximum amount of air bubbles […]

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

By Victoria Hansen |May 10th, 2015|

I always knew there was something to making the perfect cup of tea, but imagined it had more to do with the tea itself rather than a technique. Apparently it's a mixture of both and, something else, the temperature of the water. Different teas, it seems, brew better if the water […]

Spiced Nuts and Nibbles

By Victoria Hansen |May 3rd, 2015|

On an episode of BiteSize Cooking™ TV I did spicy nuts for nibbles. And like I do with all recipes, I try to find the common thread in the methods and then simplify the recipes so that all you need to learn is the fundamental ingredients and method and you can apply it to […]

A Little Bit of Heaven in Your Mouth!

By Victoria Hansen |April 19th, 2015|

At Christmas time particularly, but at other times of the year as well, I make batches of some of my favourite recipes, those that will keep for a long time, to give away as gifts.

Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar is one of those recipes, and just recenty […]

Winter Warmers and Batch Cook Recipes

By Victoria Hansen |April 12th, 2015|

I love this time of year, the leaves on the trees are just magnificent, even if they're falling rapidly, and the colours of Autumn inspire me to cook hearty recipes that I can make in bulk (batches) and freeze for when I don't have time, or the inclination to cook them fresh (yes I'm […]

Let’s Make a Cake, Hoorah!

By Victoria Hansen |April 5th, 2015|

Let's make a cake my nephew said, and of course his mother obliged. Who'd have thought such a simple task to could turn into such a disaster! I won't even begin to tell you what went wrong. Needless to say, that recipe won't be used again.

I'm […]

Using Leftovers from Making Veal Stock

By Victoria Hansen |March 29th, 2015|

If you're a foodie, making stock will be a regular part of your cooking repertoire, but making veal stock might not be something you tackle regularly, simply because of the time it takes to execute.

Veal stock is a rich flavoured stock made from veal bones, vegetables and a ham hock with a […]

Whipping Up a Quick Canned Bean Meal

By Victoria Hansen |March 22nd, 2015|

I want to talk to you a little bit about beans today and I'm talking particularly about canned beans like borlotti, cannellini and pinto beans, all of those beans that we can buy both dried and canned, but particularly canned because they're quick, easy and delicious and very nutritious.
Now I adore beans but I […]

My Rewritten Recipe for Creme Brulee Recipe

By Victoria Hansen |March 15th, 2015|

I thought I'd give you an example of a recipe rewrite of a well  known recipe that many people avoid because they are afraid of stuffing it up. I got the recipe from a well know recipe website and apart from the number of method steps, some of them can be […]