[separator top=”20″ style=”none”] [accordian] [toggle title=”About Victoria”]I have been into food since the age of 10 when I would watch Graham Kerr “The Galloping Gourmet” on TV and dream of being a cooking teacher. I loved his ‘mise en plas’, although I had no idea then what it was called then, but would ask my mother for small glass bowls to put the chopped ingredients into before I cooked the recipe.

My food career began then and I knew I would one day be doing what Graham Kerr did, to some degree. Little did I know it would be on television also and now online.

I have accomplished many things as a foodie, including winning three Australian Food Media Awards for Food Radio, over three consecutive award years. I also compiled a best selling cookbook “First Principles” in 2003 which sold over 100,000 copies in it’s first year. I created BiteSize Cooking® Radio Segments in 2005 which ran on Australian radio stations till 2014, for which I won two of the three Food Media Awards and which I produced and presented. And I have created each version of my food website since 2003 and produced all the content myself, including the multimedia (of which there are over 5,000 posts). I am quite literally, a one woman operation, bar some very loyal and skilled contractors who help me out with some of the more technical aspects of what I do.

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[/checklist][/toggle] [toggle title=”About the Site” open=”no”]I am fascinated by technology and passionate about food. The combination of these is Victoria Hansen Food. It has gone by many titles over the years – BiteSize Cooking and Black Book Cooking the two most recent, and I have rebuilt and restructured this site many times in the process. Hopefully this version is the last and this title my final legacy in food education. I love to build, particularly anything digitally orientated, and I love to create content.

[separator top=”20″ style=”none”][/toggle] [toggle title=”The How To’s and Knowledgebase”]As a school teacher I was taught to teach the basics before anything else and this has always been my mantra. So when I decided to go online, I knew I would have to incorporate all the fundamentals of food preparation and cooking as part of the content. The ‘How To’ section, along with the ‘Knowledgebase’, form the backbone of Victoria Hansen Food and are referred to extensively throughout the rest of the site’s content. The Knowledgebase section is a fully comprehensive glossary of food and cooking terms, definitions, base recipes, equipment, cooking methods, oven settings and food preparation and cooking charts and tables.[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Recipes”]My recipes aren’t like most recipes. I tend to cut corners and simplify things and I have my own method for doing things. My versions of recipes don’t always follow traditional preparation methods and I often get criticized for it. But, they work, and they’ll work every time you make them. I may cut corners, but the results speak for themselves. I also try to reduce most recipes (except for unique recipes which generally have a format all of their own) down to the base recipes they are made up of and the skills and techniques used to execute them, so as to show you how fundamental they really are. Once you know the basics and the fundamentals that comprise them, you’ll be able to make almost every recipe you come across either in a magazine, a cookbook or in a  restaurant. Imagine being able to go home after dinner at a fancy restaurant and replicate your meal, without a recipe? Victoria Hansen Food will help you do that.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Subscribe to Updates”]These days I am also back teaching high school so my updates aren’t as regular as they were, but if you’re interested and would like to know when I put new content on the site, please think about subscribing to updates. You’ll find a subscription form in sidebars throughout the site.[/toggle] [/accordian] [separator top=”40″ style=”none”]