How To’s and Base Recipes
by Victoria Hansen
The How To’s and Base Recipes form the backbone of Victoria Hansen Food, along with the Knowledgebase. All the general recipes and the show videos use these core fundamentals as their building blocks.

The written content on these pages is open to everyone, but the demonstration videos are only accessible to site members.

Although the general recipe videos are open to visitors, much of the construction of them is a ‘How To’ or ‘Base Recipe’, so unless you have site membership, you’re not going to necessarily be able to see the full demonstration.


Base Recipes and Cooking How Tos
by Victoria Hansen
There are hundreds of recipes in Victoria Hansen Food. Some are unique and cultural, but most are what I call compound recipes constructed from the skills and techniques in the How To video demonstrations and the Base Recipes.

Recipe videos are open to everyone, but without watching the How To and Base Recipe demonstration videos that together make up the structure of the compound recipes, these general recipe videos will seem incomplete.

Watch a few then decide if Becoming a Member is right for you.


by Victoria Hansen
The cooking show is where I demonstrate many of the general recipes, which are then uploaded to YouTube. They are then also added to the recipe pages.

Like the recipes, the shows are usually compilations of How To’s and Base Recipes, but the how to and base recipe aspects are not demonstrated in the shows, just the assembly of them into the show recipe.

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by Victoria Hansen